Welcome message

Dear Readers,

The challenges of the past year and the events of the recent months have reminded us that the future of our planet and society is in no way set in stone. It is in our hands to shape this future for generations to come. The pandemic has demonstrated that mankind can achieve the extraordinary when science and technology are used for the good of all – and when all stakeholders involved take their share of responsibility. Whether it is business, science, politics, or society, we need to take action and put socio-economic development at the forefront of our actions.

Now, one could think that in the current situation, sustainability, climate change, or decarbonisation are not a primary concern. Quite the contrary: At Kuehne+Nagel, we believe that they can be a powerful accelerator to create the much-desired “new normal”. Using the data we collect and applying the technology we create, we cannot only develop solutions to address climate change, we can innovate for a more sustainable future in many aspects. But we need to combine investment with action. And we all need to use this momentum to raise the bar.

At Kuehne+Nagel, we have committed to the Science-Based Target initiative (SBTi) and transition to a zero-carbon business model while facilitating a zero-carbon future for our customers. With data-driven insights, design and optimisation of supply chains, alternative transport modes, routes and carrier options as well as low carbon fuel solutions, we can actively address climate change in our industry and be a responsible partner for customers and suppliers.

Based on the responsibility towards our customers and towards society, we set up an immediate and effective response to the global demand for vaccine supply and distribution as well as tailor-made solutions to manoeuvre through the ongoing supply chain disruptions. This naturally implied a significant switch from sea to air freight, increasing CO2 emissions. Nevertheless, we stay committed to our decarbonisation goals. We have made major efforts to invest in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and joined alliances to drive the deployment of alternative fuels. In parallel, we managed to transition from 21% to 78% renewable energies on our sites globally.

Despite the pandemic and challenging market environment, we have proven resilience in our business model and our way of working. While offering the best for our customers, we care for our colleagues and communities. Covid has pushed ahead with the establishment of a new social pact. With flexible working hours, remote working options, a clear commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce, and the empowerment of the communities we operate in, we create value beyond our line of business. Fostering global trade, we have been carefully analysing the trends of tomorrow and as a result, conducted several strategic acquisitions that will help us better manage future supply chain demands.

Sustainability is manifold and at Kuehne+Nagel, we take responsibility for future generations, colleagues, the ecosystem, and partners likewise. Join us in supporting this journey!


Dr. Detlef Trefzger