Occupational health and safety


Our Safety and Health Management System (SHMS) continuously evaluates the status of our work environment while fostering its continuous improvement.

The occupational SHMS and its content are applicable for all Kuehne+Nagel entities worldwide. Risk Assessment of the location and its operations determine the boundaries of this system. The effect of operations on the environment and surrounding of the premises (including people) is taken into account. The hazards and effects management process identifies and assesses:

  • (Workplace) Safety, Health and Environment hazards (SHE hazards).
  • The risk they form to people, environment, assets (damage), and the risk for negative impact to Kuehne+Nagel’s reputation.
  • Control and recovery measures to manage the risk.

The process also monitors the implementation of control and recovery measures. It maintains a documented demonstration that (significant) HSE risks have been reduced to a level that is As Low as Reasonably Practicable (ALARP). Management Review, Incident Investigations, and audit results are used to monitor the implementation of the above process.

In the Safety and Health statement, signed by the CEO, we require all employees and suppliers to adhere to all compliance obligations, relevant regulations, rules, work instructions, and safety measures at all times. We also urge employees in our operations to intervene (STOP) when unsafe situations are seen and report them, so corrective and preventive actions can be taken. Reporting of these situations can be done (anonymously) in the online reporting tool the HSE-app.

We remain consistent with our journey to NO HARM. Reporting unsafe situations and launching KN Safety Anchors, our safety performance reached an all-time low and the Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) continues to trend downwards.

Our focus is on Unsafe Acts and Unsafe Conditions. Countries that use the HSE-app can analyse and improve performance. Improvement actions in 2021:

  • Implementation of HSE-app in Germany and France for reporting of Unsafe Acts, Unsafe Conditions and Positive Observations.
  • Analysis of recorded data and identification of improvement actions at location, country, region and global level.
  • Launch of Safety Anchors Introduction (Computer Based Training in MyLearning).



Safety Anchors

Have been developed to raise awareness of safety and health in
our operations. Make sure you follow them, it may save a life!
Driving Safely
Work Authorisation
Safety Controls
Energy Isolation
Lifting Operations
Line of Fire
Working at Height

Fatalities in 2021
Corporate, regional and national management is informed of every single fatality, be that Kuehne+Nagel employees or 3rd party. Respective investigations are triggered and collaboration with authorities conducted to ensure lessons learnt are communicated and trained, with underlying causes corrected. We deeply regret these incidents and we sent our heartfelt condolences to the families.

Target 2022
All work and non-work-related incidents will be recorded through the HSE-app by 2022, allowing full transparency of root causes to initiate preventative actions and communication to reduce risks globally.

Unsafe Acts / Unsafe Conditions reported in HSE-app

in 2021

Fatalities in 2021

Business UnitsLocationDescriptionEmployed by
Road Logistics Germany Truck driver go fatally injured in a road traffic accident in GermanyKuehne+Nagel
Road Logistics Mexico Truck driver got fatally injured in a road traffic accident 3rd party

Some Kuehne+Nagel employees were infected by Covid-19 and unfortunately 18 of our employees passed away in 2021 due to Covid-19 infections. The Covid-19 restrictions (distance and skeleton teams) did have a negative impact on the reported unsafe situations, but had a positive impact on the number of incidents. Fewer incidents happened.


Our condolences go likewise to the families that suffered the loss of a loved one caused by COVID-19 pandemic or faced a tragic accident as mentioned above.

During the reporting period there were four HSE violations reported that resulted in penalties and are publicly available.

It is Kuehne+Nagel’s ultimate goal to fully comply with the set standards and available regulatory requirements and to ensure that staff are duly trained and skilled for the jobs they perform. Nevertheless, during the reporting period there were four HSE violations reported that resulted in regulatory penalties.

They can be summarized as follows and are publicly available. Respective corrective actions were executed and duly evidenced. 

Reported HSE violations

DateLocationRoot causePenaltyCorrective action
24 Mar 2021 Salt Lake City, UT/USA Not reporting of a back and leg injury within 8 hoursUSD 500 National communication to reinforce incident notification requirements
02 Jul 2021 Whitestown, IN/USA Missing fire extinguisher signs, emergency stops for conveyorUSD 2,500 Comprehensive safety assessment with State resources INSafe
18 Jun 2021 Los Angeles, CA/USA Eight violations identified by CFI (a company of Kuehne+Nagel)USD 15,170 COVID-19 action plan was strengthened. (violations currently contested and under OSHA review)
11 Dec 2021 Seoul, Korea Safety harness was not put onKRW 4 mio. Reviewed safety cage and harness with 3rd party and sent back for training