Blue for Green is an employee-led initiative to reduce and/or avoid carbon emissions in countries and sites, under Scopes 1 and 2. Blue for Green's goals is to raise environmental awareness and action in countries and branches, create a closer connection to candidates and customers, and ultimately support
Kuehne+Nagel´s main goal to achieve zero carbon business through colleague and company actions.

KN Trophy

KN Trophy is an employee activation + engagement initiative, accelerating country actions to reduce their carbon emissions. The competition was a partnership between HR’s Organisational Development Center of Excellence (COE) + QSHE.

Awards for KN Trophy
1.    First, second, and third places
       ■   Trophy made of reclaimed wood + certificates on plantable paper

2.    Winning countries
       ■   Storytelling campaign on LinkedIn

3.    Winning countries talking to the world
       ■   Earth Week Panel

4.    Winning countries propose an initiative focused on business and environmental impact
       ■   Country environmental project

Initiatives worldwide

in percent


All actions are registered in a proprietary system, which has a dashboard updated in real-time, thus giving the world visibility on how we are progressing with our engagement actions.

Target for 2022

Education – Invest in leadership understanding of sustainability in business design and management.
Engagement – Keep people engagement and activation high, so our organisation demonstrates our Sustainability commitment to colleagues and candidates.
Alignment – Align Blue for Green effort, engagement, and initiatives to support Kuehne+Nagel's Sustainability goals.
Storytelling – Consistent in sharing colleagues' / countries' stories publicly.

Education & Awareness


Volunteers, leaders, global virtual meetups


Global Newsletters, highlighting countries best practices sharing


Education & Awareness webinars
Earth Week Panels
Bee Day Webinar

People Engagement


dedicated volunteers leading the Blue for Green activities in their countries
Digital recognition tool to encourage environmental behaviours recognition
KN Trophy to encourage green competition towards Blue for Green initiatives



countries leading Blue for Green activities


branches engaged (33% of KN total)


activities registered